October in Tuscany
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I stayed in here in the main house. My room was on the top, right.


This house was some 400 years old. My room was an apartment that had been refurbished with all the modern conveniences. It had a fireplace, television, VCR, table, a full kitchen with refrigerator. My bedroom off the main room was well heated. I particularly liked the rack in the bathroom that I could dry my clothes on.

The house had three floors, and the dining area was on the bottom floor in the back of house. Every evening we had a 5 or 6 course meal that lasted 2 hours. Dinner started at 7 p.m. and lasted until 9 p.m. The waiters and waitresses brought each course out.

The evening meal was a relaxing time for conversation and enjoying good food, and enjoy we did.

The breakfasts were continental, but had more than most of the continental breakfasts found in our motels. I did not even have to miss my scrambled eggs.

Lunches were a piece of fruit and a sandwich. If we happened to be at the house we had pizza Italian style.


We were all Americans; so the knowledge I gained talking to Italians was not so much, but unlike the Europeans in the non-latin countries, the Italians spoke less English; so it was harder to converse on many topics.

However, we had a wonderful bus driver who did his best to answer our questions when he understood. I finally began to realize if I knew Spanish, then I could understand more of what was said.

Italians were once thought to be hazards on the road with their cars. All that has changed. More cars are on the road, the honking is down to the level of small towns on the Cental Coast of California. The Italians still follow more closely than we, but otherwise their driving is good. Of course, they did have to allow for those foreigners who were everywhere too.

The driving was nothing compared to 40 years ago when every effort was made to see just how close the driver could come to a pedestrian on the streets of Rome and still manage not to injure any of them.

Lastly we were in Tuscany where some of the richest people in the World live. It is not likely the temperament would prevail of risky driving. The Italian do not waste their wealth.



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