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Wineries on the Central Coast


The first vineyards in California were established by Spanish fathers.

You can still see grape vines at some of the California's missions today. Here we see a vineyard stretching out toward the town of San Luis Obispo.

Vineyards and wine making are a major industry on California's Central Coast. The vineyards were first concentrated in the North County of San Luis Obispo County in the Paso Robles and Templeton area, but are now also in the South County.

Wine tasting and serving fine wines is a favorite past time for the tourist and residents to the Central Coast. Our wines rival those found anywhere in the World.

The Central Coast is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It includes the well known towns of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, and is an area sought out by many to visit or to live. It is ideal for short or longer vacations.

The Central Coast may be reached by air in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, or Santa Maria. Rental cars are available for anyone arriving either by air or train. Ask about tours which may be available for wineries and wine tasting. See the map for general directions.

Go to Coast Country Arts for more about what this area offers. Several wine tasting rooms exist in the North County near Templeton and Paso Robles, in the Edna and Arroyo Grande Valleys just south of San Luis Obispo, and south of Arroyo Grande off 101. To locate the wine tasting rooms in the Edna Valley follow the signs which direct the visitor from one wine tasting room to the next. Also ask for the guides to help you find the wineries and vineyards of the Central Coast.

The Central Coast has the arts, the sights, and recreation for all ages. Come let us accommodate you any time of the year.

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September 10, 2011
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