Farmers' Market San Luis Obispo, CA

The Central Coast has many farmers' markets. Local farmers sell flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These markets can be accompanied by other entertainment such as music, dancing, and the visual arts. These are festive occasions that fill the needs of both the local purchasers and sellers in our local communities.

The open-air market of San Luis Obispo differs in that it is on Thursday evenings and draws tourists from up and down the State. The Farmers Market is famous for its produce, live music, and foods such as bar-be-que ribs.

San Luis Obispo has convenient train stops for those coming from the north or south. The train ride can be an adventure in itself. From the station it is only a few short blocks to the downtown and to the market.

Coming from the north the train passes through the Salinas Valley, San Miguel, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Santa Margarita, and then down to the coastal level through a tunnel. The track then goes through the farmland of California Polytechnic State University (better known as Cal Poly) before arriving at the San Luis Obispo train station.

Coming from the south can be an even greater treat. Spectacular views can be had of the Pacific Ocean from the train cars as the train travels from Santa Barbara and passes through the Vandenburg Air Force Base.

Vandenburg has the native vegetation on its reserve that lends to the remoteness of the area and how it must have looked before the Californos and Californians came to this coast.

Tourists from the Southern California and San Diego can also board a special train to make the visit to San Luis Obispo.

Higuera Street's ambiance is enhanced with its trees silhouetted against the two and three story buildings. The movement of people up and down the main street adds to an Old World flavor.

As the sky slowly darkens, you will find yourself engulfed in another place and time. It may remind you about how California may have once been, and how it is here again in some small way.

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San Luis Obispo, CA
September 10, 2011
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