Rios -Caledonia Adobe, San Miguel, CA

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This building served several purposes and has a colorful history. At one time in its history it was a stage stop.

For more detail, stop and visit the adobe.


The Rios-Caledonia Adobe is a great stopping place as you drive north or come south on highway 101. Picnic tables for a lunch and an adobe grounds to stroll through after lunch is a great thing to do. You can combine your visit with the San Miguel Mission and the local attractions of the Paso Robles area.

Imagine yourself traveling by stage coach and stopping at this Inn while in route from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Today we hardly notice this adobe when we pass by, but in those days a stop and chance to refresh ourselves inside the cool adobe walls would be highly welcomed.

Today, just as then, people in the museum are there to welcome you. The museum's docents are on hand to sell books not always found at Mission San Miguel. For the history buffs, the 367 indexed book entitled "The Lands of Mission San Miguel" by Wallace V. Ohles gives a real feel for the life and history of Mission San Miguel and subsequent happenings to its lands.

I think you will agree that this adobe is well worth preserving as a part of the early California history.


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