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The town of Pismo Beach wasestablished in 1891 in anticipation of the Southern Pacific Railroad and tourists.

Pismo Beach's founder, John Price, established the town to make it a thriving business venture. Today Pismo Beach has a thriving tourist industry.

The town of Pismo Beach gets its name from the Chumash word, pimuz, their word for the tar which came from the Price Canyon. The Chumash used the tar to seal their canoes to make them ocean worthy.

It is thought that the Sea Lions in the area were not as prevalent. In the absence of this harvesting the clams grew bigger than usual. Both the native peoples and the sea lions were potential harvesters. The clams grew larger in their absence.

When early Central Coast residents arrived the clams were so large and plentiful that one man used his team and farm equipment to unearth the clams.

Today Clam diggers may still be found on the beaches, and most days fisherman line Pismo Beach pier.

Pismo Beach, famous for the Pismo clam, holds the Clam Festival in October.

The seaside resort town of Pismo Beach was first owned by Jose Ortega in 1840. Rancho El Pismo was an 8,838 acre ranch. The ranch was sold in 1846, and in 1850 it again sold. John Price, one of the purchaser's, owned 7000 acres which included Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, and Price Canyon.

For those who are history buffs, Pismo Beach has a varied and eventful history.

Pismo Beach is located on the Central Coast of California. Its wide, gently sloping beaches make it ideal for family outings, surfing, and just walking the beach. Its climate ranks as one of the best on the Central Coast.

Pismo Beach is ideal for surfing, and many other outdoor activities. It has many resort hotels and motels overlooking the Pacific. Numerous seafood restaurants accommodate any one's price range. It is a favorite of tourists who visit the Central Coast.

Campgrounds, both private and State owned, are within walking distance of the beach. For State Park campgrounds it is wise to make reservations well in advance of your visit.

Historical facts are from Sharon Lewis Dickerson. Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County. San Luis Obispo, CA: EZ Nature Books, 1989.

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