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El Paso de Robles is Spanish for the "Pass of the Oaks", (1) and one can imagine passing through the upper Salinas Valley among the oaks with deer, mountain lions, and bear roaming the area.

The town of Paso Robles was first part of the lands of the Mission San Miguel. (2) After Mexico took Alta California from the Spanish, the land became Paso Robles Rancho. In 1857 it was purchased by Daniel and James Blackburn and Lazarus Godchaux. (1)

Items of note are: The California Mid-State Fair, the El Paso de Robles Area Pioneer Museum which has limited hours (805-239-4556), and the Call-Booth House Gallery House where the local art association displays works of art.

"The Call-Booth Gallery is a joyful combination of history and art." It is a Queen Anne style cottage which serves as the gallery for the Paso Robles Art Association. The hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is located just one street west of Spring Street (the main street) on Vine Street where it intersects with 13th Street.

The Paso Robles Inn is a famous landmark and was first built in 1891 as part of a hot springs resort. The Inn has gardens, trees, streams, and fish ponds. It faces Spring Street, the main street of Paso Robles. (1) 

Ranching, horse ranching, and grain are other agricultural industries. Almonds orchards were once a large industry.The area is a favorite area for those who like the rural life.

(1) Central Coast, Auto Club of Southern California Guide, 1995.

(2) The Lands of Mission San Miguel, Wallace V. Ohles, 1997.

Call Booth Historical Landmark


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Our wines rival those of the Wine County north of San Francisco. The mission fathers brought wine grapes with them, some of which have lasted to the recent years.

Paso Robles is the heart of San Luis Obispo County's Wine Country. Wine vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms are found particularly on Highway 46 and Vineyard Drive. Vineyards and wineries have been increasing in number through the years.

It is the pastime of locals and visitors alike to visit the tasting rooms. Banquets, receptions and fund raisers are commonly held at tasting rooms.

The wine Festival occurs in Paso Robles each year

.Check out the Rios-Caledonia Adobe while you are here.

See Coast Country Arts for more information about the arts.

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