Morro Bay, CA
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Morro Rock at Sunset, Photographed from Morro Bay State Park.

Morro Bay is truly a town you will wish to visit if you like small, quaint sea towns. It is a fishing harbor, and more recently has sail boats and yachts as well. One of the greatest sports is canoeing or kayaking on the bay. Its shallow waters make it ideal.

The bay, also called Morro Bay, is really an estuary, and it serves as a rich feeding ground for birds. The Audubon Society has a high bird count for the winter count due to the number of bird species which visit the coast.

Morro Bay also has a golf course, a State Park with year around camping, and a marina. The State Park offers many free docent guided tours. Its natural history museum has a small charge.

Go to Coast Country Arts for more about what this area offers.

Morro Bay and vicinity attract many visitors. It is a prime spot for artists and photographers. The Embarcadero, on the waterfront, has many shops and restaurants which will delight our Central Coast visitors with the variety of well priced items. Lodging is available.

Morro Rock is at the entrance of the harbor, and overlooks the town of Morro Bay.

This rock is only partially left. During World War II parts of the rock were blasted away to use elsewhere. Also at one point the rock itself was isolated from land,but visitors can now drive to the rock.

It is a pastime to drive out to the rock at dusk and watch the surfers. The tourist may also drive to the end of the road where the breakers shoot up over the breakwater. During high tide and upcoming storms the sights is quite rewarding.

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