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Grover Beach , CA

Just south of Pismo Beach is the beach town of Grover Beach. Arroyo Grande adjoins Grover Beach to the East.

Grover Beach was called Grover City until late into the last century. Dickerson tells of Grover Beach's founder as a subdivider who named the town in his honor. Grover advertised his area as being the most extensive driving and bathing beach in the world. D. W. Grover, an enterprising land promoter, brought potential customers on the railroad to Templeton (in Northern San Luis Obispo County), and then by stagecoach to San Luis Obispo, and again by rail to Arroyo Grande. (1)

All this was done August of 1887. Now about all that remains which is very familiar to us, is the weather, the barbecue, and the successful auction of land. The Central Coast is still prized for its climate, its slower pace, and its outdoor recreation.

Grover's riches were short lived, since he was competing against other developers and the changes the railroad brought with it once it connected the towns on the Central Coast. In 1920 the population was almost nonexistent in Grover City, and not until 1959 did it begin to grow to any reasonable size. (1)

Pismo Beach and Grover Beach share beaches and the famed Highway 1. The tourist industry is not quite as extensive as Pismo Beach, but it does have its appeal.

(1) Historical facts are from Sharon Lewis Dickerson. Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County. San Luis Obispo, CA: EZ Nature Books, 1989.


Grover Beach was founded in 1887 as Grover City.


Here we see the dunes. The ocean is to the left out of the photograph.

Below is the railroad station in Grover Beach. You may get off the train at this point and board an Amtak bus or you may walk a short distance to the beach.

This beach offers picnicking, hiking along the shore to Pismo Beach, golfing nearby in a nine hole course. You may also eat at the nearby restaurants.

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September 10, 2011

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