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Cayucos is located on the Central Coast of California. Its first residents were the Chumash and the Aleuts. Sharon Lewis Dickerson in her guide Making the Most of San Luis Obispo Country describes Cayucos as part of an 8,845 acre land grant established in 1842, and owned by Cayucos and Moro.

Dickerson goes on to say that in 1870's Captain James Cass settled in Cayucos, and established a seaport. The seaport thrived by shipping cattle, dairy, and other farm products. The Cass House still stands on Ocean Street today.

Cayucos retains the flavor of the Old West. Many antique shops line its streets. Its main street has the saloon that is reminiscent of the American Frontier.

The beach is usually less crowded than Pismo Beach, and it is ideal for families. Surf boards and kayaks are for rent. The Fourth of July parade and the fire works from the pier is a yearly event.

There are many motels waiting to accommodate the Central Coast visitors. Small, affordable restaurants, most with a distinctly country atmosphere, are easily found.

What could be better than to surf beside the Cayucos pier, or take an evening stroll over its uneven planks to pier's end to watch the sun go down?

The town of Cayucos really began in 1875 when a San Luis Obispo County developer divided the rancho into town lots. With the coming of the Southern Pacific Railroad Cayucos shipping came to an end. Today Cayucos is a quiet seaside town.

Residents and visitors, alike, can reflect on the history of Cayucos beginning with the Spanish rancho owners', Martin Olivera Moro and Vecente Feliz Cayucos.

How much history has this little town seen? Come for the adventure of this seaside community.

Historical facts are from Sharon Lewis Dickerson. Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County. San Luis Obispo, CA: EZ Nature Books, 1989.

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