Avila Beach

Like much of the Central Coast history, Avila's history goes back to the Mexican Land Grant era. The Rancho San Miquelito was 22,136 acre ranch which suffered from the drought ridden years of 1863-1864. As a result the Avila's subdivided some of their land to make up losses. Later the community was named Avila Beach.

In 1868 the People's Wharf was constructed to move people and goods. Avila Beach was destined to become a major port on the Central Coast, but this was interrupted when the Southern Pacific Railroad opened the Central Coast in 1898. Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County, San Luis Obispo County by Sharon Lewis Dickerson, CA: EZ Nature Books, 1989.

A few restaurants and motels are available. The main attraction for many, is the beach where children play in the water and the families may have picnics. Many fish from the pier or engage in water sports in the Bay. The nearby golf course offers challenges for those who play golf.

Avila Beach has one the best exposures for sunny weather along our Central Coast in San Luis Obispo Country. On one side of the bay is the Port San Luis pier with fisherman, pelicans, and restaurants. Boats are in dry dock, and both pleasure boats and fishing boat are moored in the harbor. The a small village of Avila Beach has the atmosphere of being hidden away from the World.  The approach on the inland side of the San Luis Bay the small town of Avila Beach lies just under the hills. Here too is a pier and beach.

To the right is Avila Beach. It is the most protected beach on this part of the coast. A beach, picnic tables, play ground for the children, and much more.
Be our guest and wander California's Central Coast!

The two approaches to Avila Beach offer interesting aspects of the Central Coast life. The off ramp from Highway 101 from the North has a branch road, See Canyon. This canyon is a micro habitat, and is famous for its apples

.From the south 101 you will pass Avila Hot Springs and Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. These natural hot springs are a favorite of many people. Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort has a variety of accommodations and dining. For those vacationers who like fine accommodations, it can be an ideal choice for rest and relaxation. A golf course and the noted San Luis Bay Inn are also prominent as the traveler comes into view of the bay.

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