Atascadero, CA

Atascadero, like so many other communities in San Luis Obispo County, was a Mexican rancho. The city of Atascadero was founded in 1913 by Edward G. Lewis. It was to be a model town, but before it was completed, Lewis went bankrupt. In 1954 the State Hospital was founded, and Atascadero again began to grow.(California Central Coast, So AAA guide, 1995)

Today Atascadero continues to grow as a town which serves the city of San Luis Obispo. It has a more rural setting for

family life, and the high school agricultural programs take honors year after year.

Although Paso Robles is considered the Heart of the Wine Country in the North Country, Atascadero is only a short distance down Highway 101 from Paso Robles

Sights to see are the Charles Paddock Zoo, the Atascadero Historical Society Museum (805-466-8341) and the adjacent City Hall.

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