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Businesses like this may be found along Branch Street in Arroyo Grande.

Beach towns like Arroyo Grande have the same moderate climate year round. The climate here has some rain in the winter, mostly sunny mild weather, and morning fog during part of the year.

Arroyo Grande is bordered by Grover Beach to the West. Grand Avenue leaves 101 and going west the traveler passes first through Arroyo Grande and then through Grover Beach to reach the beach.

To the right is a scene in the Village of Arroyo Grande. The Village may be reached by turning toward the inland hills at the Grand Avenue from the 101 off ramp. This is the easiest way to reach is Lopez Lake, a county recreation area with a campground a few miles up the road.

Arroyo Grande was named by the Spanish because of its creek which originated in the Santa Luicia Mountains. Arroyo means "gulch" and Grande means "big." (1) Lopez Lake dam is built where two arms of the creeks come together which later come down the Huasna Valley into Arroyo Grande. Huasna is a name for an Indian princess which is part of the Chumash Indian legends or beliefs. (2)

This rich land is now the site of row crops. In 1843 22,153 acres of this land was granted to Isaac J. Sparks. Its name: The Rancho Huasna. (2)

Another Rancho between Arroyo Grande and Lopez Lake, was the Santa Manuela Rancho of 17,000 acres. The Rincon Adobe may still be seen today. It serves as a wine tasting room for Talley Vineyards.(2)

For the weary traveler who wants a convenient sample of the Village of Arroyo Grande, go immediately east off 101 toward Lopez Lake. Here you will discover the charm of the Village of Arroyo Grande complete with shops, cafes, and park along the creek.

The Village of Arroyo Grande with its swinging bridge, farmers market, and holiday parades are great fun for everyone.

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(2) Historical facts are from Sharon Lewis Dickerson. Making the Most of San Luis Obispo County. San Luis Obispo, CA: EZ Nature Books, 1989.

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