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This guide will help you find the illusive San Andreas Fault and add much to your knowledge about the Fault in our county.

Maps, mileages, and GPS readings pinpoint the San Andreas Fault. Photographs with the dashed red line let you know where the Fault is. Soon you will be able to find the Fault without the help of this book.

The answers to how long is the Fault, what is an offset channel, what is the geologic history the Fault in our county are some questions that are answered.

So come out and Find Fault! It is a great adventure in the springtime or other cooler times of the year.

A Self Guided Tour of the San Andreas Fault in San Luis Obispo County & Adjoining Counties, by Eileen Pritchard

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Page 10: Normal faults and sag ponds.



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Page 42: Major tectonic plates of the World.


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